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Maybe Later Big Boy.
The apocalypse can wait until I've finished my slurpee.
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8th-Jun-2011 08:54 pm - How's My Driving?
Questions, criticisms? Please feel free to let me know what's on your mind; any chance to improve my play is one I will happily take advantage of. :) Comments are screened.
8th-Jun-2011 08:53 pm - OOC Contact
For all communication purposes, be they plot related or just to say hello, I can be reached by sending a private message to this account. Alternatively, you can hit me up on aim or email.

AIM: icanslashthat
E-MAIL: cvmilligen@gmail.com
8th-Jun-2011 08:48 pm - App >> Underworld Wars
|| Player Information ||
Name: Tal
Personal Journal: that_last_stop
Time zone: Pacific Time! (California)
Contact: email: cvmilligen@gmail.com | aim: icanslashthat
Current Characters: None

|| Character Information ||
Fandom: Supernatural
Name: The Trickster / Gabriel
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